The Lachish Reliefs

by Hooda Shawa

The Lachish Relief. Museum Number 124911 © 2020 The Trustees of the British Museum.

Situated in a room in the British Museum, the Lachish reliefs depict an ancient and animated scene of conquest, occupation, depopulation, and deportation that took place around 700 B.C. In the original podcast, Neil MacGregor explains the historical context of this work, saying that the scene takes place in heavily fortified Lachish, some 25 miles southwest of Jerusalem, what is today known as Tell el-Duweir. He then reflects on the warfare tactics of the ancient world and the plight of refugees both in the past and the present day. Yet there are other conflicts that his podcast does not acknowledge. In her podcast, Hooda Shawa discusses what was not said about the Lachish reliefs in the British Museum. Read more…

This podcast was introduced by Heba Abd el-Gawad in Cairo, written and narrated by Hooda Shawa in Kuwait, with a reading by Salman Abu Sitta in Kuwait from his book Mapping my Return: A Palestinian Memoir. The podcast was produced by Yousef Nateel in Gaza with credits produced by Alice Stevenson in London. The background music is by Jaber El Haj from Gaza. The intro and outro music, an ensemble of Kpanlogo drum (female and male), Djembe drum, Gome drum (Frame drum), Kwadum drum (from ‘Kete’ ensemble), Twin bell (Dawuta) and Rattle (Ntorwa), was produced by Kwan Pa for 100 Histories of 100 Worlds in 1 Object.

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